Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hypertension Again For My Little One

Well, we held out hope that by today Matthew's blood pressure would be trending down. That didn't happen. His bp at his nephrologists office was 140/86. MUCH higher than where an 11 year old should be. Given his history and the fact that we know that both of his kidneys are not "perfect", he has decided to put him on a medicine to help control the bp for now until he can have some additional detailed studies done of both kidneys. I am so very grateful that we have been educated and know how important blood pressure monitoring is for children and the importance of every parent knowing what a baseline blood pressure is for their children. We know Matthew's baseline and we knew when to seek help when it became an issue. KYKN.....KNOW YOUR KID'S NUMBERS! It could save their life.

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