Wednesday, December 11, 2013

He's Only 11 :(

Thankfully Matthew was discharged from the hospital last night and got a good night's sleep at home.  His blood pressure medication dosage was increased and this has helped get his bp much more stable.  We got a call back this afternoon from his nephrologist at Childrens and after he met with the transplant surgeon this morning, it was decided that Matthew does indeed need to undergo an arteriogram to look at each of the vessels in his right kidney.  The suspicion is that the blockage in his right kidney has worsened over the last five years and is the culprit behind the sudden increase in his blood pressure.  The only definitive way to look at the tiny vessels is by an arteriogram.  The doctors want it to be done by an interventional radiologist so if there is a vessel that can be repaired, it can be done while they are in there.  Our prayer would be that the blocked artery could be opened successfully and that would do the trick.  Of course, we know that is not a guarantee.  His doctor's have discussed with us the possibility, depending on the severity of the occlusion, that if this is unsuccessful he may need to have the right kidney auto transplanted just like his left one was. We will cross that bridge when it is time and pray for God's healing.