Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Really God...Again?

Why does my view once again include the Air Med landing pad?  Well, Matthew is once again back in the hospital.  I find myself more often than I would prefer updating family and friends via FB on Matthew's health status.  Oh how I wish it could just be pictures of an innocent 11 year old playing and doing the things little boys his age do.

Then that sweet boy reminds me with all the wisdom of a 90 year old man that this too is part of God's great plan for his life.  It never ceases to fill me with amazement the amount of grace that Matthew has been given by God.  He will never fail us and he will never leave us.  All things will happen for a reason.

After spending the past 24 hours with a nasty stomach bug, his pediatrician looked at him this morning and wanted him admitted for observation and fluids.  So, we have checked into his "suite" at the hospital.  He has been dining on beef broth and jello!  Yummy!  Poor guy would be much happier with the pot roast. All in good time!

It is so affirming to me that when I have low times and want to call into question "WHY", Matthew is always there to remind us of the answer.  Because it is in His plan.  After that there is no further explanation.  We will continue to find positivity in all that we endure.  We will continue to provide education and advocacy on bp issues in children.  We willl continue to share His word in hopes that it can provide comfort to someone who may need it. 

As a mom, I could not have more pride than I do in my two children.  Those boys understand more at 8 and 11 about God's love and patience than I did at 25. 

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