Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Super excited that a 2nd showing has been added to Unstoppable for our local theater.  I just purchased our tickets.  Looking forward to seeing Kirk Cameron's depiction and insight into where God is in the midst of crisis. 

I always remember what my mom told me growing up....everyone has something!  And this holds true for everyone I know.  We all face strife and difficulties in our lives.  This is part of being human and growing.  Whether the difficulty is an illness, loss of a job, or anything else that affects your life in a way that is hurts and burdens your heart, we all know the feeling of struggle.

It is easy to give thanks and praise to God when times are great.  Personally, I have always found myself turning to him quicker when times weren't so good.  He is my rock and my salvation.  Without the unending love that I feel and know that is ever present, I can't even imagine what the dark times of my life would have been. 

Learning and understanding that my son was chronically ill forever changed my landscape.  We had four years of bliss with dreams and plans, but then to learn that Matthew is affected by kidney disease that will forever be a part of his life was surreal.  When the understanding became harder and harder to process I had to give it to God. He has never left us.

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