Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Little Things

Yesterday was one of those days that made me really stop and relish in the little things.  It is not the monster moments of life that define our past.  The small moments of time that can be quickly forgotten are right up there in my book with the Disney World moments. Time spent sitting on the porch during an evening rain with my daddy.  Listening to him share stories with my boys.  Stories that will be cherished in the time to come. 

Then the pain sets in my gut.....what will we do when he's not here to share those stories?  Flooded with emotion, all I can do is take a deep breath and convince myself that worrying about the "what's to come" and not enjoying every moment here on earth is much more important.

The pain we will all share will be for our own personal loss and grief.  There will be no more pain for him.  He will see all the glory that can only be a part of God's amazing kingdom.  Reunions with family and friends. No suffering each time he moves to catch his breath. 

It's all apart of God's plan and in His hands.  I trust and I believe...........

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