Thursday, August 29, 2013


The only legacy that will be important when I have passed on will be that of being a great mom.  If my two children can't look back and say they had a mom that put their needs above all else, then I have failed.  Is it easy?  Nope!  Do they drive me crazy sometimes?  You bet!  But, through all of the oops, fails, giggles, and silliness they are the driving force for me to be a better person. 

We all know the old cliche', kids don't come with a handbook.  But, with a little common sense, and the ability to laugh off the minor stuff, it can be pretty easy.  I have a few simple goals in life.  One is making sure that I raise two young men that know and understand how much they are loved by God and their parents.  The second is to make sure that I equip them with the means necessary to brave life when it's time to leave the nest.

It is inevitable that we will all stumble along the way.  My toes have been broken, A LOT, in the past 11 years! But, I know that the ride is all worth it.  Those smiling, giggling faces are everything.

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