Thursday, August 29, 2013

And We Have a Release Date!

March 2014 is it! A Boy Back From Heaven will be released in the early spring.  Writing this book has been therapeutic for me in ways most will never know.  To know that your child's last breath was within inches of your face is riveting.  Trying to understand and make sense of what was so clearly evident has been renewing.  From the moment Matthew sat down with us to provide the intricate details of his experience, we knew there was a power much greater and higher than humans can grasp. 

All of the "churchy" stuff we are taught growing up as kids usually isn't fully realized until we seek God in immediate ways.  Death, illness, sorrow, change.  All of the things that force us as Christians to really take a hard look and turn to God in prayer.  To fully realize the scope and magnitude of God's love and great plan for each of our lives is enlightening. 

After spending hours, days, months, and years on this book project, it has helped me to heal and grieve situations I know that I will face personally in the very near future.  There are circumstances in my life that will require me once again to seek comfort in God's word and the vision that Matthew so eloquently and innocently shared.  A vision that leads me to know that when death reaches those we love, there is not darkness or scary scenes.  It is pure, unobligated love, peace, and beauty.  A beauty that makes you never want to return.

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